Meditation for Beginners

meditation for beginners

I put ‘Meditation For Beginners’ together with a hope that it would bring greater clarity to those who feel a little dubious about meditation. 

 Science backs the amazing benefits of meditation, though I am not approaching the subject from that point of view.  Instead, I will tell you, in short, about my personal experience.

For a long time meditation was sectioned off with eastern religions and therefore largely dismissed by Western traditions.  It was considered to be something not to be entered into due to its ‘sinister’ origins.  To this day there are those who consider meditation to be a leaning towards the ‘whoo-whoo’ side of things.  Hey, there is no judgment from my side, we are all entitled to our beliefs.   That being said, I would like to set you the same challenge which was given to me: don’t knock it until you try it!

Now, I should probably tell you that I am not a ‘whoo-whoo’ kind of person.  I love hard facts, science is my bag.  I lead with this so that you understand that I did not start meditation as a spiritual exercise.  Mostly it was out of morbid curiosity to find out what all the fuss was about.  If I am honest, I was a skeptic.

How I Made A Start

On my own journey venturing into ‘Meditation For Beginners’ I came across the wonderful Dr. Wayne Dyer.  My initial thoughts had been that I would find meditation arduous and mind-numbing, something to dull the senses.  I was pleasantly surprised to discover that dialing down during my times of meditation was profoundly beneficial to my overall performance.

What Happens During My Meditation

During meditation, things seem to filter out.  There comes a sense of ‘knowing’ and renewed well-being unlike I have ever known before.  I could temporarily forget about my schedule, my 10 point plan and my endless to-do list.  Meditation gave me a space to relax, think deeply and be instructed by my soul.  It gave me a sanctuary to withdraw to and silently be.  Aside from this the razor-sharp mental clarity that comes after a session is unrivaled and probably what I love most.

I think it’s different for everyone, depending on what it is that you aim to achieve in your meditation times.  The common consensus is that meditation enhances our ability to cope with stress and the pressures of daily life with renewed vigour.

When To Meditate

If you are starting out on this journey of meditation, I recommend trying 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes in the evening.  I personally prefer morning meditation because this helps me to set the tone for my day.  Most of my clients will tell you that I am one of the calmest people they know.  I have meditation to thank in part for this as well as setting my day up in a way that aids how my day flows.  Meditation plus structure equals amazing results!

How To Meditate

Find a safe, quiet place where you can sit, uninterrupted on your own.  When I do ‘eyes-closed’ meditation, I tend to stay at home.  There are times when I go to the woods or the park, but I am always aware of who is in my surroundings and I don’t close my eyes.  I that is the case I pick a direction to look in and just stare with a relaxed gaze as my mind goes into chilled-mode.

The best time to make a start, if you are new to meditation, is on a day when you don’t have to be in the office so there is one less pressure to have to deal with and you can take your time and enjoy your meditation.  I recommend that you start with a guided meditation.

It is good to wear loose clothing so that you do not feel constricted.


I generally sit in a comfortable chair or on the floor with my back against a wall.  If you are following a guided meditation the instructor will sometimes tell you which is preferable or give you more detailed instructions.

Practical Must-Haves

  • Comfortable clothes – Yoga pants and a loose top are wonderful for meditation.  I don’t really encourage meditation in your fluffy slippers and pjs unless your session is prior to going to bed.
  • Noise-cancelling headphones – I recently purchased a brilliant set of JBL headphones they work a treat!
  • A quiet space – there will come a time when you will be able to be surrounded by people and manage to steal 5 minutes to quieten your mind.  Until then, find a quiet spot where you will be undisturbed.

To Get You Started

As previously mentioned, I started out using Dr. Wayne Dyers’ meditations.  More specifically I used; ‘I AM Wishes Fulfilled Meditation.’  I highly recommend this as a starting point.  He does make mention of some biblical references etc, but don’t be too quick to ‘through the baby out with the bathwater’.

I wish you a wonderful time in meditation.

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Try Out Wayne Dyer's 'I Am' Meditation

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