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Are you looking for a way to find the deepest and most satisfying life? Don’t know how to get there?

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My proven methods will move you forward and on to an empowered, joy-filled life – the life you dream of. 

Your dreams are within reach.  Together, we can build the life you desire by turning your vision into an actionable, step-by-step plan. 

Work with me to take the necessary steps to succeed in having the life you want and are invested in having.  

You have one life – make it awesome!

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Jan Lauren Life Coach (RTT, MNCP)

Who Is Jan Lauren?

Jan is a powerful, mentor, motivational speaker, Life and Strategic Mindset Coach.  She is an expert in creating freedom, joy-filled, empowered living.

Her lifes’ passion is to empower her clients  by working with them to achieve a depth of insight into their lives which they haven’t yet experienced.  By doing this Jan helps her clients to bring about phenomenal personal transformation.

Jan has been a coach for 20 years and has coached and mentored clients from many, varied, walks of life.  Over the past few years  Jan began to work with business professionals, entrepreneurs and small business owners, also attracting creative professionals from the film industry.  

Her teachers and mentors span a variety of backgrounds, modalities and disciplines.  Jan is also a certified Clinical Hypnotherapist and a registered member of the National Council of Psychotherapists in the United Kingdom.  She works with clients across the world online via video conferencing.

How Does It Work?


The first step in the process of working with me is sitting down and sharing about where you find yourself right now.  Together, with my expert guidance, you will begin to design your ideal life.


I incorporate aspects of therapy where you will constructively look at the issues, or problems, in your life and learn the tools you need to gain mastery over them.


With everything you have learned in the process of working with me it will be time to get on with the business of living the life you have always desired.

Be mentored by the very best!

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